How fast is Unicorn Speed?

Our website is fast.  But numbers speak louder than words – just have a look at our speed results.

The page you are now reading loads in under a second. Yours could too. 

Our Process

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    Speed test & analysis

    Once you fill out the form below, we will perform a number of tests and create a detailed Speed Report

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    Talk to an expert

    We’ll arrange for one of our Unicorns to call you to chat about the results of the Speed Report

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    Set speed targets

    Together, we’ll agree on some speed targets, based on your needs and budget

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    Create development server

    We will then create a secure backup of your website (this is where we will be working – so there is no risk that your Live site will be affected

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    We speed up your site

    A team of Unicorns will work their magic on your website, to make it run as fast as possible

Frequently Asked Questions

No! The only thing we will be breaking is the speed limit 😉

All of our optimization work is carried out on a secure copy of your website, which lives on our own servers.

The majority of the sites we have worked on will load in under 2.5 seconds.

However, we are often able to achieve load times of under 1 second depending on the page content and your server.

We will never take longer than 7 working days to complete the job.

However, we do offer a 24 Hour service at a premium, if your job is particularly urgent.

We are so confident that you’ll fall in love with your newly optimized site, that we are prepared to do all of the work BEFORE you pay.

Once we speeding up your website, we will show you it running at full speed on our development server.

If you fall in love with it, you simply pay for us to transfer the changes from our development server over to your live site.

If not, we’ll just delete the development server and you keep your money 🙂

How We Speed Up Your Site

Premium Caching Plugin

Leveraging browser caching, removing query strings from static resources & eliminating render-blocking code in above-the-fold content.

Pro Server Configuration

Setting up and migrating to a new server, or optimizing your current one to improve server response time & ensure handles traffic spikes.

Optimize Every Image

Ensuring that your site serves scaled images & specifies image dimensions. Images are the biggest culprits for slow pagespeeds.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Adding your static content (images, CSS, JavaScript) to a network of global edge servers to minimize latency for image loads.

( and just a sprinkle of magic unicorn dust … ✨)

“Google is obsessed with site speed.”

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